My Life On Joining The Navy Essay

2779 Words Jan 6th, 2015 null Page
Looking back at my short life I seem to have 20/20 vision. I see the choices that I have made and the outcomes that have happened. I would like to share a very important choice that I’ve made about joining the Navy. It’s been eleven years now since I made this life altering decision. In the year 2002, I was sixteen years old and in high school wood shop. I remember my teacher Mr. Cox making an announcement to the class. “Everyone that would like to receive extra credit can go take the Military’s Armed Service’s Vocational Aptitude and Battery test (ASVAB) in the auditorium now.” That sounded better than building a bird house that looked like a mess. I was not the best carpenter. In my head I was thinking; “yeah right! Me in the military, yeah that’s not going to happen.” See at that time I was in a scholarship program that had me going to school. I had to do two years at Pima Community College and then transfer to the University of Arizona for the last two years and finish up my bachelor degree (fire science). I walked down to the auditorium with the other students that didn’t want to be in class that day. I would say half the Jr. and Senior body of the school was there if not more. They tried to separate us, so we had enough room to right but the bodies just kept coming in. The principal had to tell some of the students they had to come back after lunch. Luckily for me, I had to work, so I got to stay and take the test. The test was the longest most uncomfortable test I…

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