My Life: My Experience About The Game Baseball

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Life is crazy growing up; makes you want to go back to the times you were younger. I lay down at night and sometimes think about all the meaningful lessons my family has taught me. I know you can relate as you watched your oldest Sam grow up into the person he is now and start a new chapter in his life in college. A specific time in my life and something I would never forget was when my father taught me about the game baseball. It all started out when we moved from Texas about when I was starting preschool. The day I walked into the Kauffman stadium was a day I won 't forget. I looked up to the ceilings and said to myself that I am walking into a castle! I thought to myself; what an amazing day to be in Kansas City. Perfect weather outside …show more content…
During the sixth inning or something like that, I was sitting behind the dugout of the Royals and I remember a foul ball rolled over towards it. One of the baseball players grabbed the ball and tossed it up into the stands. I wasn 't tall enough to catch it, but someone tall behind me caught it. It just happened to be my six three dad who had jumped up and stretched with all his might to catch the ball for me and he handed it to me. I thought about nothing else in life besides the fact that my dad was my hero. What an amazing opportunity it was to get a ball that the Major league players use. After watching a great game with the Royals winning, that is when I asked my dad on the way home if I could play baseball just like them! He said I could do anything I want to do if I put my mind to …show more content…
I felt all nervous because I thought to myself, what if I 'm not good enough to play or what if baseball isn 't something I 'm good at. I asked my dad if he could teach me and he sure did. Took off of work so he and I could go up to the fields and practice playing. I thought to myself and said how blessed I was for having him teach me the ways of the game of baseball. We were up there for hours and hours just on the first day! Now baseball was in a couple of weeks and I just kept training with him hours at a time. If we did not work on batting we were working on throwing. If we weren 't working on throwing or batting we would work on catching

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