My Life At The Market Essay

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When we arrived at the market it was blistering hot. I had on a blue and white tank top, some rugged shorts, and some flip flops. Me and my family decided they wanted to go shopping; there was my cousin, grandma, mom, and myself. My aunt’s birthday was coming up and my cousin, her daughter, wanted to get her something nice. “ I think I should buy my mom a chain since, her birthday is coming up. I got this beautiful minnie Mouse charm and I just need a chain” my cousin said. “ If we see a jewelry store we’ll see if we can find you one,” my mom stated. The market was like a whole bunch of stores that are crunched together and a narrow walkway in the middle. I found a jewelry store 3 spaces down from the opening. “ Found one! Can we go look?” I exclaimed. “ Okay i’ll be over here looking at the t-shirts” my mom said. “ i’ll go with yall” my grandma announced. We went into the store. We were the only ones there besides, the owner. He was a tall, round, bearded looking gentleman. Once he saw us his eyes just lightened up, like we were some american suckers and would buy anything that he would sell, but yet he had an exciting and yet eager personality. It was small and crowded; there was jewelry encased around the walls and hanging in glass cases on the wall. Nothing too fancy like the Queen of England just, some regular jewelry. “ I want a chain for my mom. Her birthday is coming up and I want to get her a chain for the charm I bought her” my…

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