Essay about My Life As A New Place Home

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I can taste the salt from the tears rolling down my face after being told my family is moving to Shanghai.
“No, no, no, I am not moving,” I scream at my parents at the top of my lungs as I begin to cry.
Only bad thoughts are rolling through my head now as I think about how difficult making new friends is going to be; how difficult it will be to call a new place home; and how difficult adapting and living in a new culture will be.
When I pictured what life would be like in Shanghai, I did not have any friends and I thought no one would like me. As a child, I was always worried about not being able to make friends, all I wanted was to be loved by everyone.
My thought seemed to have become true; stepping off the plane in Shanghai was equivalent to a baby seeing the world for the first time. Everybody wore facemasks, no one spoke english, and I could barely see 10 feet out the window due to the pollution.
“Come on!” my dad yelled as he led us through the airport, weaving through the billions of people, looking for the correct passport control line.
As my dad was intently looking for the overhead screen that read Foreign Passport Holders, the rest of my family and I moved our heads left, then right, then back left again, just trying to take it all in.
“This is a zoo,” my dad said as he started to walk to the correct line.
Waiting in line, surrounded by strangers, I realized the only security blanket I had was being with my family. I felt safe knowing I had my mom, brother,…

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