My Life As A Career Essay

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My loving mother, ever since my early childhood has imbibed the importance of transcendence in me. She used to say, ‘Whatever you do, always aim to achieve excellence in it.’ And I have been following it since then. I started rising and shining in school grades, sports, music and various competitions in school. I also got unique opportunities to represent my school in various elocution and academic contests at state & regional levels. This hard work and strive for supremacy honored me with national merit scholarship and outstanding student award for three consecutive years while in high-school.
I grew up in western India watching my father treating poor and needy patients in our hometown unremittingly throughout his entire life. As I grew up I rejoiced watching these patients heal and smile as my father nurtured them with his healing hands. I cultivated and imbibed his love and passion for medicine while helping others heal. This experience sowed seeds of humanity and hard work in my mind and propelled me to choose medicine as a career in my life. One unique thing about medical profession is, we can help to ease the person’s physical sufferings and can bring back smile on his/her face, and I feel it is very rewarding for us.
Anatomy was my beloved subject in Medical school, and I always excelled in it. I enjoy the relationship of various structures to each other and cross-sectional anatomy. In the Medical school, my continued diligence granted me with distinction and…

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