Essay on My Job As A Recruiter

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B). Communicate with, screen, filter, and interview applicants

Communicating with applicants/candidates In all my past work experiences as a Recruiter, I have always made an effort to ensure a pleasant candidate experience for all applicants going through the recruitment process. The candidate experience is important as it affects the employer brand and it also has an impact on candidate sourcing.
Therefore, I have always made an effort to ensure that the recruitment process is perceived as professional, informative, and fair to candidates. I provide realistic previews of the job and of the working environment to candidates. I respond in a timely manner to answer any questions or concerns that candidates have and I make an effort to always provide feedback to candidates so that they are informed of where they are in the recruitment process.
When I worked at BBG Management, a boutique staffing agency in the IT industry, relationship building was a core part of my job as a Recruiter. Building and managing relationships with candidates in an agency environment is especially important. It allows the Recruiter to supply qualified candidates to client companies for consideration in a timely manner. I built a candidate base by being professional, taking the time to get to know the candidate by understanding their career interests, being available anytime to answer questions and respond to concerns, and making an effort to keep candidates informed on their status in the…

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