Reflective Essay: My Journey To My Phd

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Introduction Over the past several weeks, I had the opportunity to experience the first step towards my PhD. During this time I was introduce to the “Culture of inquiry”. This concept went far beyond simply being handed the tools to research different business topics of my interest. Rather, this idea gave me the tools I needed to go deep within myself to discover things about me that I may not have otherwise known. As a result, this essay will cover my strengths and the areas that I want further growth along my PhD journey. In addition, it will cover timelines of my personal goals, professional goals, and the plan to achieve them.
Today I can confidently say I enjoy being challenged academically. I always thought I was a good critical
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Paying attention to punctuation was an area I never put much thought into. After writing a few assignments, I quickly realized using proper punctuation is a critical element of academic writing. I plan to utilize the Capella Writing center (2016), and Smarthinking to help me address the punctuation issues in my writing. In addition, I need to work on my APA style writing. The Capella Writing center (2016) offers support in this area as well.
Personal goals I have several personal goals that I would like to achieve by 2020. My first goal is to successfully complete my PhD program. I started my program with the first two courses which was this course and 7086. I am happy to say I have successfully completed my first two courses. If I stay on the same trajectory, I will finish my program before my 2020 deadline. To help me stay on track, Capella University has given me an academic coach who will advise me all the way through my program. I am also utilizing the Academic Plan (2016) to track my courses. Another personal goal is to pay off my student loan by graduation. I plan to do this by paying the loan back at the end of each quarter. By doing this I will be debt free by
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I never really thought of it prior to reviewing the Capella Career center (2016). There was a wealth of information on the page. I plan to utilize the networking strategies that were offered to connect with higher education administrators, and faculty. In addition, I will also join a few academic organizations to gain some more exposure to the academic community. Green (2015) also articulated some of the positives of teaching as a PhD which helped me to discover the endless possibilities. After completing a few more courses, and when I feel more comfortable with the workload; I will send my resume to a few junior colleges to get a start on lecturing. I would like to experience it before I commit

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