My Goal Through Personal Circumstances Essay

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What does it mean to live? Is it to simply eat, work so one can afford living, sleep and do it all over again? Is that going to be enough of a reason by the time one is retired and is in integrity versus despair stage of life as Erik Erikson put it? I personally do not believe so. I believe in order for life to have any meaning, one needs to have goals and a way of impacting the world around them by reaching those goals. Realizing one’s potential and setting realistic goals based on that potential, to me, is the key to developing integrity rather than despair later in life.
I chose medicine as my goal through personal circumstances. My family has not been without influence on this decision. My dad, now a nurse practitioner, was still in school when I was younger and so I grew up around his books and study materials and stories from the hospital. I, of course, did not understand any of it; in fact, I had nightmares for several nights after I saw pictures of different tumors in one of my dad’s books. Nevertheless, the seeds were planted and I grew up gravitating towards careers in medicine. The self-fulfillment, gratification, and honor of being a healer were also appealing to me. I chose becoming a doctor as opposed to other medical professions because I was interested in having a more direct, central role in shaping the form of a patient’s care.
To explore and solidify my decision, I volunteered and did internships at hospitals and shadowed doctors; I learned a great deal…

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