Internal Medicine: A Personal Statement

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I decided to be a doctor in the later years of high school when I completed my physiology and biology courses. The complexity of the human body and its functions intrigued me, so I began researching more outside of the classroom. My uncle was a resident in Internal Medicine at the time, so I spent every spare moment I could in the hospital watching his every move. Since those times, medicine has grown from an interest into a passion.
That drive grew exponentially through working in the hospitals during and after medical school. My intern-ship was during the time of crises in my country, that forced me to deal with a wide range of medical conditions under highly stressful situations, that made me acquire extensive clinical and social skills
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Started in August/2014, I have been participating in brain tumor researches. I authored a poster showing the role of methylation of the gene O (6) -methyl guanine-DNA methyl transferase (MGMT) on the resistance of the tumor cells to the standard treatments and how regulating that gene could affect malignant cells’ sensitivity. It was under the name of “MGMT-targeted therapeutics of glioblastoma: Unexplored avenues for improved and personalized treatment”, I presented it successfully in Research day of School of Pharmacy. Also I’m working on a review publication explaining that topic.
“Medicine is an ART” says my supervisor doctor in Amarillo Medical Specialists LLP, the Nephrology Clinic of Amarillo, Texas, which I have been attending since March/2015. That did not only enrich my clinical experience but it also taught me how important is it to incorporate the scientific evidences with the humanity aspect of patient to come up with the ideal management, and the value of educating patients about their diseases in building trustful relationships and improving

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