The Responsibilities Of A Working For A Sutter Memorial Hospital Volunteer

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1. Sutter Memorial Hospital Volunteer
My main responsibility was to assist the technician, nurses, and physicians. I sanitized the room after the patient had been discharged by wiping down all surfaces with disinfecting or bleach wipes, periodically checking on the patients to ensure they are satisfied with care and provide them with anything they need to make their stay more comfortable. In addition of my normal responsibilities I learned how to do some of the tech’s duties such as EKG and conducting physical therapy as requested and instructed by physician. From this experience I was able to learn a great deal of how to interact with patients and how to communicate with them on a personal level while being professional.
2. Undergraduate Research
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Working for Sunny Truck Wash has taught me a great deal about dealing with others and working in a more efficient manner as well as maintaining a calm and relaxed composure when dealing with an enraged client. When dealing with clients like this it is important to diffuse the conversation to prevent the loss of a customer and prevent trust lost.
7. Subway
Working in the food service business taught me the value of hard work, learning from mistakes and being a leader. You cannot be your best without the help of others. By working as a team, we were able to operate the restaurant in an effective manner and provided the best care of our customers we could provide. Becoming adept at restaurant management took time and mistakes. Learning from those mistakes helps create a system that works best for me but more importantly it shows me that there is something I need to work on and improve to become a better employee. I also learned the value of hard work. Through my hard work I was able to create friendships with regular
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Leading such a clinic has shown me first-hand how patients are more than just number and statistics but rather individuals who are unique and require treatment in a unique manner rather than being processed. The clinic has taught me to adjust to the unique individuals and provide them the proper information and care that is as unique as the patient. The clinics environment also taught me to be a better listener. Through the immense number of dialogue that I have translated in a situation where many are conversing, I became a better listener. I also through helping such a vast number of individuals, I was also able to form an environment that promotes a sense of security and trust that allows the patient to open up so the caregivers can provide the proper care and information to promote their health. The clinic has also allowed me to become an individual who is unafraid to take initiative to offer help to other people and same time respect their privacy. I still wish to learn more about the link between a patient and a healthcare provider and I feel it is a topic that will never be fully understood but rather slowly

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