Essay on My Goal Is to Become an Software Engineer

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Name: ___________________________ Establishing Goals – Writing Assignment
Goal – an aim or purpose; desired outcome Objective – specific measures used to achieve a goal

Section: _____ an end a means to an end

As you begin to transition from adolescence to adulthood, it is important that you begin to clearly identify/determine your plan for the future. It has long been known that achieving a specific goal in life necessitates an individual to clearly articulate one’s desires. Clearly identifying one’s goals can allow an individual to determine and coordinate the behaviors or objectives necessary to achieve those goals. Additionally, it may also be helpful to establish how you will measure whether or not your goals and/or objectives
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Particularly, topics associated with Chemistry have really caught my interest, and I know we will be doing Chemistry this year. Middle School – Objectives for Goal One • • • • Be sure to ask questions and seek help when I am having a difficult time understanding the topic. Try not to procrastinate on long-term assignments. Put effort into studying far in advance for quizzes and tests. Form study groups when preparing for quizzes and tests.

Middle School – How Goal One will be measured • The grade I earn at the end of each quarter and at the end of the year will help determine if I successfully attained my goal.

Middle School – Goal Two My second goal for middle school is to make the basketball team. Since there is no longer a sixth/seven and eighth grade team it has become much more challenging to make the team since there is a lot of competition and the number of available spots is few. I made it to “last cuts” in seventh grade and I am hoping that I can make it one step further this year. Middle School – Objectives for Goal Two • Continue to play on my travel basketball team and as often as possible with my friends to help my skills improve. • Try to increase my athleticism by being active daily. • Read a book about the technical aspects (drills, plays, etc.) of basketball and try them out. Middle School - How Goal Two will be measured • Whether I make the

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