Why I Want To Be A Computer Software Engineer Essay

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The Career Fair: Computer Software Engineer

Career Description Computer software engineers are the main reason that computers are so popular these days. Everything you do on a computer from just typing up a research report, to video chatting and playing games is achievable because of computer software, which is created by computer software engineers. Computer software engineers are responsible for designing and developing software applications and software that are used everyday.
The two main classes of computer software engineers are computer application engineers and computer systems software engineers. A computer application engineers usually make their own custom programs to satisfy the needs of its user. Their primary tasks include
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Their offices are normally clean because engineers regularly cooperate with clients and co-workers. Most software engineers work almost 40 hours a week, spending a lot of their time sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen. This career does not involve any physical work, but since they spend large amounts of time in front of a computer and keyboard, they are vulnerable to eyestrain, back and neck strain, and periodic stress injuries. Software engineers also out in extra hours of work during weekends and evenings when deadlines are approaching. Computer software engineers usually work for companies and organizations that specialize in computer systems design, like Microsoft and Google. Others would work for software publishers, government agencies, computer manufacturers, and so fourth. The organisation that a computer software engineer works for can also have an effect on his salary. Overall, Most computer software engineers work in a well-lit office or a lab in front of a computer. They often interact with their coworkers and do projects in small groups of engineers. Some engineers work as consultant and have to travel a lot. They would have to travel around the work to meet with clients and to visit factories and troubleshoot equipment. They would spend a lot of their time away from their office, and from

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