Cyber Security Personal Statement

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Technology is a really interesting sector. The way how each technology works; how they differ, how they common with each other is really interesting. I find it quirky and astonishing. It is so complex that not everyone can use it easily thus it is challenging. This could be one of the reasons why I would like to study cyber security. Every single system or technology will have a vulnerability and it is challenging to find the vulnerabilities of a system or technology. I really enjoyed programming when I was at school and it pulled me towards Information Technology path. First proper programming that I have done at college was a website. It was impressive as I have find lots of knew strange feature like “marquee” feature in HTML. During programming, …show more content…
At my spare time, I always try to learn new things to improve my knowledge and skills. I regularly watch educational videos on YouTube or different learning platforms like Udemy, MVA to learn and improve myself. I watch penetration testing videos where I try to follow the video to ensure that I can learn and remember the steps so in the future I can use it in my career. I have purchased a course on Udemy which allowed me to understand the technical keywords in cyber security as well as have knowledge in different ways of penetration testing. I also follow channels on YouTube like “Jackk Tutorials” and watch their videos to ensure that I continue adding knowledge and skill to myself. Furthermore, I try to use different programs and operating systems like Microsoft Server 2012, Linux Fedora to increase my knowledge and skills. I use virtual machine to setup an environment for myself to use different kind of programs/systems. It is really important to carry on adding knowledge and skills to yourself but also ensuring all the skills and knowledge you have is up to date and/or still …show more content…
I have manage to find compatible part under certain budget within certain time. I have also developed time management skill as I tried to complete the build within 2 weeks and successfully achieved my target. There were many problems however I have manage to overcome them and my custom pc work smoothly.
I am part of a team and we play football every Sunday which allows me to be active. I have a key role in the team as a defender who organise and controls the team members to ensure they are playing correctly at correct place. We have to work together to play good during the match. The team allowed me develop team working skill as well as organisation skill.
Dealing with computers and working with them is a pleasure to me. Especially using command line interface (CLI). I love using CLI as it gives direct commands. Another reason could be that it requires less or no mouse input which enables me to work faster. When I use CLI I feel more intelligent than other users who uses graphical user interface which motivates me to carry on doing what I am

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