Unit 6 Assignment 3 P1: Features Of Programming Language

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Unit 6 Assignment 3
P1: Features of programming languages
Procedural programming language- This is a type of program that represents how a program works. This type of programming language uses instructions that require a task to perform step by step. Procedural programming can only work if the instructions are step by step because it makes it easy to read and understand and three types of examples are selection, iteration and selection. A typical example of procedural language is COBOL: There are many restrictions In using this program because the programmer has to be very knowledgeable of what he is doing and needs to know how to de bug the program. Another drawback is it is also not that efficient.

Event Driven programming- This is a
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Another drawback to this is it may affect application efficiency through transmission and processing cost.

Scripting programming- This type of programming is used to ad functions within a webpage some of the examples are like serve dynamic advertisements. This type of programming languages affects the way data works because it would appear at the end of the browser window. Moreover, scripting is also referred as small programs such as python and TCL. As you would imagine, scripting can be used to make a lot of codes and you may wish to make as much codes as possible. There are three common uses of scripting and one of them is java script and the other one is a rollover and this is when a user moves the mouse and hovers around something were a text pops up and would tell you what you would like to do next. Another use of scripting is when you are creating a password and then it asks you to create a password no more than 8 characters and it may ask you to include numbers and letters. Examples of scripting is java, lingo and Perl. The disadvantages to this is this type of programming is not so familiar with astronomy. The main drawback to this is that you can’t perform very high level of complicated
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Nowadays, most software programs are now written and this is known as IDE OR integrated Development Environment and these contains tools that the programmer should be aware of such as: an editor and this carries out instructions using certain pop ups to help the instructions being written. Another tool is a complier and this is a very useful tool for the programmer because it converts these instructions into codes that the machine/ computer can understand. Windows form editor is another useful tool that produces the windows forms and this adds the required controls like text box, buttons and radio buttons. Debugger is another tool useful to the programmer because it helps them to identify any bugs in the

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