Essay about My Friends Dad 's House For A Sleepover

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We were all incredibly bored and we were just sitting around not knowing what to do. Finally, being the five year olds we are, my friends and I decided to play “extreme” hide and seek together. We all went outside to establish the rules. The rules were not very descriptive, but basically we decided that we were going to play a different version of hide and seek, where everyone ran and then formed alliances or stayed on their own. Then, we had to try to find each other and “kill” the other with a long stick. Like I said, we act like five year olds. Anyway, we were at two of my friends dad’s house for a sleepover. His house is pretty much out in the middle of nowhere. There are fields and hills surrounding the house with tall grass and there is a gravel road to the left of his house with trees lining it. Because it is so open, there were not very many places to hide, and we were not allowed to hide inside. My eyes were immediately drawn to the gravel road and the trees and I knew exactly where I was going to hide.
We all took off running and I noticed that Rachel was right behind me.
“Follow me!” I yelled to Rachel. We took off down the road, turning back now and then to make sure they weren’t following us. All I could hear were the sounds of our uneven breaths and the gravel crunching beneath our feet. We came across a big pile of rocks and I told her,

Olson 2
“Let’s stop behind these rocks, so we have two ways to run.”
We stopped behind the rocks and Rachel looked one…

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