My First Year Of High School

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My GSW 1110 instructor is Mr. Klever. He was my Advanced English 11 teacher as well. Therefore, having him for the second year in a row, it made coming into this course much easier. I knew how his teaching style was and I was already use to it, rather than coming into a brand new class with an instructor I knew nothing about or how their teaching style was. Being in GSW 1110 my senior year of high school has taught me so many things and made me become a better writer as well as getting me ready for my future college classes and my future career. This class has bettered me in my writing abilities as well as my ability to do better research. I have learned many things throughout my semester in GSW 1110 such as counterarguments, different genres of essays and different tools to help us better our essays throughout the semester. Now that I have bettered my writing skills, I am now ready to use them successfully in my future academics and my future career. In this course throughout the semester, I learned how to narrow down my research. I learned that instead of just going to Google and looking things up on that search engine, it was better to go to sources I knew that were reliable like news station websites, or CNN for example. I also learned how to research for visual images as well. We had wrote an essay where we had to analyze a visual. In this essay we had to choose the image that we wanted to center our essay around. With that being said, I had to research

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