My First Trip From The United States Essay

912 Words Oct 21st, 2016 4 Pages
If you go to any tourist destination expect to see every person with their camera out snapping pictures. It’s a fact of life. I personally love to take photos when on vacation somewhere special. Sontag says that taking pictures when you’re touring will ruin the moment. She believes you should just experience it. While I agree that incessantly trying to get the perfect picture will detract from the moment at hand, over all Taking photos on a trip is a way to preserve a memory allowing you to relive it and feel a warm sense of nostalgia every time you look at them. My first trip out of the United States was when I was ten years old when I took a trip to Anguilla during Winter Break with my family and my best friend’s family. Not only was this my first time out of the United States but it was also my first time with my own camera. Granted it was just a little disposable camera my mom bought me before we left at CVS, but it was all mine and I was so grateful. I remembering being so excited to have something of my own to take pictures of. I felt so grown up. I took pictures of everything. From a rock lying on the side of the road to the beautiful scenery of the beach. And beautiful it was. I had never been to a place like this before with water so blue and sand as white as all the snow I get at home in Boston. To be able to be taking pictures of my own for the first time at such a beautiful place was something really special. When I got home from the trip I went to CVS and got…

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