Essay about My First Day Of Class For The Fall Or Spring Semester

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On the first day of class for the fall or spring semester, is kind of a stressful day for most students because students are trying to get to their classes on time, while other students are going to a class that they are waitlisted for, hoping that they can get in to the class. The students who were in the class do not have to worry about what number they are on the waitlist or whether they are able to be added to the class. I feel bad for the students who are on the waitlist because it is a class that they need, but they can’t take since the class is full. Also, they have to wait until the next semester to take it. Getting in to a class can be hard. Therefore, one expectation that I have had about college that turned out to be true is how it can be a challenge to get into some of the classes when registering for classes.
It was the summer of 2014, my registration date and time was drawing near. Every day until it was time for me to register for my class I would go on to the Pirates Net website and check my date and my time until the day I had to register had arrived. I wanted to make sure that I would not miss my registration. Also, I would go on the “search for my class schedule” on the Pirates Net website and search for the classes that I needed to complete my first semester at Modesto Junior College. For the classes that I wanted to take, I would write the class that I wanted to take, the section number for the class, the professor’s name, the campus that it was on, and…

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