My Favorite Portion Of Curriculum Essays

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PICK Reflection Paper
Darci Deakin
Utah State University

PICK Reflection Paper
My favorite portion of curriculum The curriculum for how to avoid falling for a jerk was very interesting. I think it was a great program that we got to participate in during class. There were a lot of things that I really enjoyed about these classes. The first part I really enjoyed was the R.A.M. (Relationship Attachment Model). It was fun having our own models to follow along with the presentation. I also thought it was a great visual to really understand what she was talking about. It also related to the whole presentation as every section we went over was one of the five areas of the model. This included areas in; know, trust, rely, commit, and touch.
Another favorite part of the classes was the activity where we wrote on sticky notes different things we liked and didn’t like about our families and what we will want to see in our own families. I think this was enjoyable because I was able to see what other students in the class did and didn’t like about their families. It was good to hear things that I could use in my future family. It was also a great discussion we had after we did the activity on the importance of having a healthy and happy family. We then went into talking about the four strands of sources of power in a family. This was interesting because we learned that you need to have a well balance of all four strands in order to make your wheel turn smoothly.…

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