My Father Letter

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With a heavy heart I am writing this letter to you today, and never would I have imagined I would have to plead for my father to able to stay with our family. Throughout my whole academic career this is the most heart wrenching and emotional letter I have ever wrote. My father has been one of the most inspirational and loving people I have ever met. It breaks my heart everyday to think he could possibly be taken away from us and it breaks my heart even more knowing he lives in fear of it. There has never been a point in time of my life where he has not been there for me or my little brother Jakub. He dedicates his whole life to his family and I am forever grateful for that. I will never be able to repay neither of my parents for it. To have …show more content…
I don 't want to have to walk down the stage ready to receive my diploma and not have him there cheering for me when it was him from the start who pushed me so hard to continue my education. He who stood up long nights helping me understand fractions because it was a different language for me. He who when I received a bad grade did not yell at me, but sat down with me as tried helping me understand so next time that grade would be a A+. I don 't want to come home and have the house feel empty because if he leaves that 's exactly how it will feel like no laughter, no joy, just cold uninviting air. I want my father to walk me down the aisle, tears running down his face and mine. Him welcoming his first grandchild and showing him or her the exact love, guidance and wisdom he showed me and my brother. These are moments if taken away from me and my family would destroy us completely, moments we will never be able to get back no matter how hard we try. Dreams and hopes broken, as well as our hearts. We came here for the American Dream, the possibility to have a better life and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities we are blessed to receive. Please do not break our dreams, most of all please do not break my father 's dream of becoming a

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