My Experience With An Online Class Essay

888 Words Apr 23rd, 2015 4 Pages
Every semester, I meet with my counselors to make sure I’m registering correctly so that I graduate as scheduled. She noticed that I needed one more course to meet the credit requirement to graduate. She pointed out that the course Education Global Perspective course would work with what I have already registered for and I thought it sounded very interesting. The only concept that I wasn’t excited about was when my counselor informed me that the only option was online Personally, this was my first experience with an online class because I thought that many negative circumstances would occur. First, I thought it wouldn’t accommodate to my learning style. I do much better if I have interaction with the educator and listen to a lecture, or so I thought. Therefore, I thought remembering the content being taught within the book by Spring and the articles would be harder to recollect. I was surprised how much more I learned by being expected to read articles and relate them to our life experience or discuss what I thought to be interesting or strange. By writing the information that I have read helped me remember the content without worrying about their being a test. Third, I thought managing my time for the class would be harder than when attending a regular lecture course. I thought since I was attending a course that it was easier to remember that an assignment was due, but it was actually easier to manage my time because I had more time to work on my assignments. Finally, I…

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