Reflection On Evidence-Based Appraisals

PPS: In reviewing the lesson and instrument, two areas for improvement which resonate with me are hands-on management and realistic appraisals of others. As an influencer and creator, I tend to focus on the big picture and thoroughly enjoy generating ideas and solutions. However, I am not comfortable with the details and execution of ideas and solutions. Unfortunately, this gives the impression that I am uninterested in the details or fail to appreciate the effort it takes to execute plans. I do not think this synonymous with not being present as I enjoy being there with the team, but I am less comfortable getting in the weeds with these tasks. I gladly take charge and drive the thought process but struggle in the execution. I can be a better leader by taking a more active role in the execution phase and by sharing the challenges I face in that area. By being more present and engaging, people will appreciate the opportunity to showcase their skillset, and I can better thank them and reward their efforts.
Additionally, I struggle with realistic appraisals of others. I often create a self-standard in my mind and work tirelessly to live up to my own expectations. Although I don’t think this is an issue, it becomes an issue when I attempt to hold others
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This demonstrates the need to improve my follow-through. Although I can claim my struggles with follow-through reflect my trust in others, I would be engaging in self-deception. I believe the lack of follow-through reflects a lack of comfort in the management realms. As previously mentioned, this affects team members and gives a laissez-faire impression. If I focus on follow-through, I can be more present with team members and ensure the ideas and plans generated are producing the desired results. Additionally, the follow-through can boost my comfort level with the details of tasks and build a better bond with fellow

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