Critical Appraisal Assignment Analysis

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The process of writing a critical appraisal was not easy for me; I have faced many difficulties by preparing myself for this assignment. Before I have started my critical writing, I created a plan that helped me to cover all-important aspects of the topic and included weakness and strengths of research paper. The plan included questions such as: Is research methods are valid for particular topic? What did results show? Was methodology helpful? Also I have used other resources to compare my plan and my notes to see what I did not include, what should I improve? And what else I can do to meet the standards of critical appraisal.
Unfortunately my critical appraisal was written in a very short period of time due to being unwell, however I believe
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I think in my critical appraisal I should of talked about it more in depth. I feel that my introduction was not good enough. However I will consider those mistakes and try to improve my skills for future writings. In introduction, important aspects of research paper have been covered; all analysis and tests have been mentioned. Deep explanation of the steps that have been taken during a study been talked through. Were also mentioned the main risk factor for this tumour development. Also mentioned that pathogenesis of this tumour has not been studied enough, and more research needed.It was very hard to criticise this paper as it is very well written. However considering the research article more weakness could have been mentioned and more discussion could have been …show more content…
The aim of this research was easy to understand and it helped me to criticise this article better. However I think more research and more work could be done to improve my skills. I have tried to include as much as possible information about the research paper and the problems that have been faced during a research. Unfortunately I did not have enough time to spend on my assignment as I had health complications and was not able to give all my attention and concentrate only on my work. In conclusion, I think I have met all requirements of this assessment, I learned new style of writing and understood what mistakes I made. However in future research I would consider more attention on the actual aims rather then in depth information. I understood where I went wrong and what I would need to improve for my future

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