Essay My Experience For My First Semester

1017 Words Nov 28th, 2015 5 Pages
This semester has honestly been a learning experience for me. I have been through trials and tribulations, but I am very grateful that I did. The greatest lesson that I have learned during my first semester here at AUM is finding the little guy inside of me. When we first arrived in our UNIV 1000 course and Dr. Kerr pulled out the matryoshka doll and talked about finding the little guy inside of us, I believed that that I did not have a little guy inside of me and if I did, I never had to utilize it. Over past few months of my first semester in college, I finally began to understand the purpose of the little guy. The little guy inside of us is that inner voice that pushes us to the very best that we can, even when we feel like we are on the verge of breaking down. There were times when I really questioned if college was for me because I felt as if the pressure put on me by my family, friends, and myself was beginning to break me down mentally. The inner little guy kept telling me to continue to fight through all of the emotional pressures and adversity. Along the way I also learned a lot more about Jaylen Tyrese Ashley. With the help of discovering the little guy, I found that I am a lot stronger mentally now because of the challenges that I had to overcome. Looking back on my first semester of college, I can say that I have discovered my little guy and UNIV 1000 has helped me find the little guy. With this information, I am going to continue to use the little guy that is…

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