My Experience At The Social Service Essay

784 Words Mar 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Before starting my practicum at Lutheran Social Services I already had researched information regarding those within the elderly. I wanted to explore seeing ways I can offer my services for those within this population before taken such action. I honestly wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to apply doing “inform scientific inquiry” without knowing how to do this in an effective way or back up the information I had gathered. So overall, what I had thought about this competency was that I had to get experience in this in order to help someone when the time comes for I can assist them with confidence. There are a range of things that I still have yet to discover about this competency. But from what I know currently is learned in most of my classes were to have a peer-reviewed article, make sure it has valid information and can be proven. In my agency they do research in order to determine how their agency is doing throughout the agency as a whole. They do this by testing from a program called BrandIntegrity which determines how each department is succeeding or what needs improvement within the Lutheran Experience. They always encourage others to work together and have a positive goal towards the end of two, six month periods. In my Reflection during February 15th through February 26th I observed a staff meeting to see how the section where I’m interning is doing. They gave statistics how over time they went from one number to another. Then they talked about how important…

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