My Experience At High School Essay

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Throughout high school, I did not have much direction in regards to what I wanted to do with my life. I had bounced around ideas of possible careers, but nothing seemed to fit. I knew that I loved my summer job as a camp counselor. However, that is not a profession I could maintain after high school. What made that job so rewarding were the experiences I shared with my campers when they accomplished their goals. I would celebrate with campers after they finally made it to the top of the climbing wall, I witnessed the amazement that would fill another camper’s face when they shot a bull’s-eye for the first time at the archery hut, and I experienced their joy and camaraderie while everyone sang old camp songs around the weekly campfire. When I became the drum major of my high school band and gained more opportunities to teach music and lead rehearsals than I had as a section leader, I began seeing parallels between my band members and my summer camp experiences. When a student I worked with finally played a passage she struggled with correctly, I saw the excited camper who finally made up the climbing wall in her. In that moment, I realized that helping students achieve their goals and sharing my love for music is what I wanted to do with my life: I wanted to become a music teacher. If there is one thing I have learned in my time, it is that children want to create or do something they can be proud of. Music gives students opportunities to create works of art and reach new…

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