My Experience At 50 Years Of Age My Beliefs, Values, And Truth

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this determines where we end up eternally. At 50 years of age my beliefs, values, and truth have solidified I know now through many ups and downs with my life experiences, my belief in God gives me hope that the good I see in the world is genuine and the bad I see can work out for good. I know now that though I can thankfully compare my childhood up bringing to some of my favorite childhood television sitcoms that lifestyle was idealized and not the norm and not a reachable standard.
Life experiences: Family and Friends
I grew up in northeast Oklahoma City, my family was poor but I never felt poor growing up, both of my parents worked; my father at Cattleman 's Cafe my mother at The Black Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City. My parents worked hard and always provided for us, if there was not enough for dinner my mother and father would not eat at the time we did not know that. My mother always cooked dinner and the house was always clean, she also talked about her childhood and how hard it was being unable to go to school like other children because she had to work. She said that though this was unfortunate it instilled in her a strong work ethic, the importance being on time, and even working to help her coworkers well after she was off the clock. We grew up with discipline my parents enforced the rules of the house, we were an example of our parents when we went out of the house to go anywhere it didn 't matter where we were going we did not want to reflect on them badly. We…

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