My Educational Philosophy: Why I Want To Go Korea

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I was born in China and came to America when I was 3 years old. It was really difficult for me to learn English. There are many reasons why people decide to teach aboard, like traveling, learning different cultures, etc. The main reason I want to go Korea is because I want to help people learn English. I believe the best teachers are the ones who have experienced the hardship of learning the subject. I know the struggles students are going through when trying learning a second language. I will be able to teach them some techniques I used. One example is when I was younger; I would watch American television to help me improve my listening skills. Another example is I would write down a passage from a book to help me improve my reading and writing …show more content…
I will finally experience what is like to be truly independent. Teaching children and living in a new country will help refine who I really am. I’ll be able to learn what I’m really capable of when I’m alone and don’t have my friends and family.
When it comes to my educational philosophy, it is quite diverse. I believe in leading by example since, as a teacher, I should be the students’ role model. I also believe that learning should be exciting if the students are not excited in what they’re learning they won’t preserve what they learned. Some of my favorite teacher/professor growing up was always the fun and outgoing teachers. Someone who doesn’t use conventional teaching techniques and are flexible enough to adapt quickly base on the students in the classroom. I will change up my
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During the summer of 2012 I went to Korea. Korea was a total culture shock to me when I first experience it. However, I view myself as an open-minded person and I adapt really quickly. When I first experience being bowed to by someone, I felt it was a little weird because backs at home we just say hi to each other. Later, I found out that it was a way to give respect to a person. The subway system was confusing at first, but before I know it, I was using it like I was a resident. Before coming to Korean I was very ignorant about Korean food. Although I was ignorant, I did have a good attitude towards it. I was keen for the experience, open to it, and wanted to learn. I discovered that kimchi was a side dish and there were other dishes beside kimchi. Two of my favorite dishes are Bibimbap and Galbijjim. Besides eating, I also went to Gyeongbokgung Palace, climb mountains and the Bear Museum. There are still many other things to see/do in Korea and I feel that working in Korea will give me the opportunity to see/do those things. I also believe that learning about Korean culture and people, will broaden my world knowledge and respect of another culture. Learning about different cultures also helps you reflect on your own culture and

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