How Does Kim Jong Un Affect North Korea

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Kim Jong Un is the ruler of North Korea, one of the most isolated yet, well known unpredictable countries in the world .Kim Jong Un known for running a strict empire, and his ruthless control of his people. Their government is not only a dangerous environment for its people, but for the whole world. Its actions have had an anything but positive impact on North Korea, especially with their nuclear testing and its shelling of Yeonpyeong Island , it has caused them to have tension with other countries, such as China. North Korea is run by a dictator, running through bloodlines, no matter how unqualified a person may be for the role of ruler. The leadership of this country, is definitely not going to lead North Korea in a positive direction. . …show more content…
North Korea rarely allow a for foreigners to enter their country with guards surrounding the borders between south and North Korea, trained to shoot at any moment 's notice of someone trying to flee. The protocol isn’t only for someone who 's trying to get into North Korea, but also a North korean trying to flee into the accepting South. Also, there aren’t any air routes that will take someone to North Korea because again they don’t allow for tourist often, but if you do happen to get a tour the tourist are trained to show all the positives of North korea, basically brainwashing someone to think that North Korea is a “great” country. The country doesn’t even have the freedom to choose what hairstyle they would like, getting to choose from one of twenty-eight hairstyles, unmarried women must have short hair, and young men can’t have any hair cut beyond the length of two inches North Korea only practices certain religions, because unlike everywhere else there’s no freedom of religion. Koreans follow life in a Confucian thought which is a combination of Confucianism, Christianity and

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