My Early Childhood Education Philosophy Essay

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According to Anderson and Holt-Reynolds (1995), student teachers are not aware of their values and beliefs and their impact on teacher’s practice. On reflection, I realized that I myself have evolved within the last one year and my belief about teaching children has changed to working with children. I have discarded my naïve beliefs (Brownlee, et al., 2000), and have developed my early childhood education philosophy on the theories and philosophies I have studied so far. I shall critically examine three aspects of my early childhood philosophy in this essay.
My early childhood philosophy is based on my values and beliefs. I value aroha, honesty, respect, trust and patience in my life. Therefore, all these values are intertwined throughout my philosophy. Though my values remained constant, my beliefs changed with time (Yero, 2000). It was my open mindedness that made me consider different perspectives regarding early childhood education and evolve with time (Dewey, as cited in O’Connor & Diggins, 2002; Baum & King, 2006; Brownlee et al., 2000).
As stated in my early childhood philosophy, my practice is based on research and critical reflection. Research is an asset for practitioners who believe in evidence based practice (Aubrey et al., 2006). “Research is a systematic investigation to find answers to a problem” (Burns, 2000, p.3). It is very important to follow research ethics, which form the basis of an unbiased, meaningful and significant research (MacNaughton, Rolfe…

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