Reflection On Developing Practice

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Register to read the introduction… I now know that a secure attachment is vital when working with young children.This is something that John Bowlby believed in as he suggested that babies have a predisposition to stay close to their caregivers. When I am settling a New child into the playroom I will work very closely with both children and parents as I now realise that it is vitally important for me to provide an environment that allows for both space and sensitivity to enable the child to gradually settle into the nursery …show more content…
In an indoor environment I feel that it's essential that the area is warm, safe, secure and spacious given children the opportunity to explore independently. It should also reflect the changing needs of the child, for example in the room I work in the children are learning to walk and as they become more confident in their ability I can provide extra challenges for them to take their abilities further. By doing this I know that I am responding appropriately and positively to children's needs and preferences. With regards to an outdoor learning environment it has to be remembered that as much emphasis should be placed on outdoor learning and the learning indoors. By doing this I can now see that I'm ensuring that children are given the opportunities to be involved in experiences that promote a sense of wonder, discovery and challenge. Before I started the course we very rarely went outside with our young children but now there is a significant change as to some suggestions that I made at a room meeting. I mentioned that research suggested that 'being outdoors has a positive impact on mental, emotional, physical and social Wellbeing. (Learning teaching scotland 2010 page 68). And as a result of this we are now using our outdoor area several times a day. Our garden now contains a variety of items that benefit the children. We have herb gardens, musical instruments and even a mud …show more content…
I plan to study this course over the next 5 years. After the compulsory modules I'll then go onto a more complex stage which is dependant on the setting I work in. I will achieve this degree with sheer hard work, focused study skills, good time management and continuing to be a reflective practitioner.
' We need a new type of worker for these services: a worker who can combine many tasks and work with the whole child and her family: a worker who is a reflective practitioner, able to think and act for herself, rather than a technician trained to do as she is told; a worker on a par with the teachers in terms of training and employment conditions.' (Moss, 2003, pg.5)
This statement highlights for me, the job description that we must adhere to nowadays as early years professionals. Education is constantly evolving and will continue to do so for a very long time. We need to be aware of changes and implement them into our everyday practice whilst always remembering that each child is individual. Each child deserves the best possible start in life and it's by constantly reevaluating and changing our practice through reflective learning that will enable this to

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