My Dream To Become A Doctor Essay

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My dream began the day my mother took me to the primary care doctor for my shots. I was so fascinated with the injection and stethoscope that I did not feel the shot. That day onwards would long to visit my doctor so I could see the equipment in her clinic. Realizing my growing interest in the clinic, my mother bought me a doctor play set with stethoscope and white coat. This activity was my favorite game as it consisted of treating my teddy bear from rare illnesses and performing fake operations. My mother explained to me that in college she wanted to become a doctor too but she could not continue due to limited funds. Perhaps, that was the moment when I decided that I wanted to become a doctor. And now, I can clearly see why it has been the right decision for me all along.

Advancing my budding dream of becoming a doctor, I started to volunteer at New York Presbyterian Queens Hospital, when I turned 16. I was extremely happy the day I was given my ID and my new uniform. My volunteer duties consist of assisting the nurses, attending patient calls, bringing food, giving company to the patients and helping the staff. Sunday is the highlight of my week as I can escape my stressful high school work and focus on helping the hospital. No other extracurricular makes me this happy or helps me to
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Most of the patients were suffering from grave illnesses and incurable diseases. By accompanying and talking to them, I get to share their problems. I bring relief and smile on their faces from my humorous jokes. I accompany them when their family members cannot come to visit. Also, taking care of their minute needs and sharing their suffering made me change my outlook on life. Compared to their problems, my high school problems seemed infinitesimal and it showed me real misery and agony. If I could bring a smile or lessen the patient 's pain, I feel like I have succeeded as a

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