My Day At High School Essay

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As I reflect on who I was 10 years ago, it is sometimes difficult to fathom that I’m one of the same person. I usually never think about those ‘dark times’. The main distinction of who I am today compared to my sophomore year in high school is the level of deviance that was commonplace during my sophomore year. Flashback to 2005, a typical day for me at Reno High School consisted of a never-ending day in the classroom; a couple hours of baseball practice; and then the hardest part of my day: figuring out with my buddies where we could get an eighth of marijuana so we could get “stoned-ripped”, as my stalwart friends would say. After my “weed-session”, I would pick up some eye drops, de-red, and then make my way back home-trying to act normal during family conservation round the dinner table. Come weekend, my favorite time of the week, I would play my ritual high school baseball game, win or lose, and then figure out who was throwing the wildest parties so I could get wicked drunk before my 1:00 am curfew became a harsh reality. Sometimes, there was even cocaine flowing through veins.
Excessive partying and drug use encapsulates the bulk of my high school deviance. This type of social behavior nestles safely under the sociological deviant label. And I would not deny this categorization in the slightest bit. But, this essay will seek to provide a narrative of my deviant sophomore year in high school and apply sociological concepts and theories which surface underlying…

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