My Critical Thinking Skills And Writing Skills Essay examples

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According to the Community College of Rhode Island there are four main expectations of an educated person, those include, effective communication, critical thinking, quantitative mathematical, and scientific reasoning, and social interaction. I believe that through various group discussions and interactions and class assignments like journal entries, research papers, readings, and presentations I have become proficient in all four aspects.
Group discussions have helped me socially interact with other students on another level. Presenting in front of a group of people became easier and easier over time, and overall, public speaking helped me become a more effective communicator. Researching, reading, and writing essays have directly impacted my critical thinking skills and writing skills because I had to learn how to properly use the professional journals to conduct research, valuable sources, and correctly cite them using the APA format. Reading and writing has further helped me to look at topics from a more critical and analytical viewpoint.
This fall semester of 2015 has been my first semester back in two years. I was excited to start Intro to Social Work and Welfare because I knew that the Social Work field is one that I have always been interested in. With a younger brother who has Asperger’s Syndrome, I know first-hand how difficult life can be without the help of social workers and all of their resources. It has been inspiring to me to see the help he has gotten and…

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