Reflection On Composition II

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Introduction Looking back at my essays from my first semester in Composition I, I can definitely see that I have improved tremendously. My learning from my Composition II was not so much about learning concepts, but it was more about improving what I already learned last semester, and adding onto it. Compared to last semester, my learning this semester came from paying attention to details, following the rules, and adapting to a new teaching style. While last semester, my learning came from new concepts like ethos, pathos, logos and knowing what they are and how they work. My learning last semester was all about learning how to describe a text instead of summarizing it and developing an argument with evidences from the text. My Composition II class really taught me how to be attentive to things that I did not care about before.
Unit One: Descriptive Essay The first unit was probably the unit where I learned the most, but also struggled the most. From the professor’s teaching style, APA citations, formatting to the revision process. The
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I learned how to do APA citations and I learned how to pay attention to details and follow the rules. The revisions and revisions memos tremendously helped me become detail and rule oriented in my writing. These skills will be very helpful for my business major whether it is through developing a detailed business plan or following business etiquettes. I will surely use these skills beyond the classroom. I really did grow as writer since my senior year in high school, I can see it in this semester and last semester. I went from having to revise six or seven mistakes on my first essay to only two mistakes on my other essays. Now my paper are not as summary-heavy as before, I know how to use ethos, pathos and logos in my writing, and I can synthesize an essay. These are things that I did not know how to do before starting

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