My Childhood Narrative

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My childhood Marion summers were filled with the traditional games played by all the little kids. My sister, brothers, and I would go outside and all the neighborhood children would be outside ready to play. We would play all day until the street lights came on. All the kids would fill the street and play but we would have to move so the cars could get through. The big kids would always get to pick what we played and it would always be tag, hide and seek, or red rover. I wasn’t the best at tag or hide and seek, but red rover was my game. I was bigger than everyone else even though I was one of the youngest. The big kids would always pick me first because I was big and strong. The other kids would be scared when I ran towards them
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Every Sunday, after church, we would all pile up in the car and head off the Ryan’s to eat. We always sat in the same spots in church, in the car, and at Ryan’s. It was the highlight of my young life because I wasn’t old enough to really do anything else. We also went to the Marion Pool every Friday in the summer. That was fun, but I didn’t know how to swim yet so my brothers would think it was funny to throw me into the pool. My momma would yell at them for it, but they kept on doing it. I eventually learned to swim so I guess it wasn’t that bad. My family also had game nights. Those didn’t have a set day but we had one every week. We usually played monopoly, life, or some card game. Those nights were the most fun to me because I was good at that type of stuff. My dad was the one who always made sure I was good and had fun at all these …show more content…
My dad is a great person, leader, and father. He would give his soul to help anybody whenever they needed help. Nobody could hate my dad. Everybody comes up to me and asks how my dad is doing. This gets annoying after a while, but also shows me that he knows everybody and they all like him. He taught me everything i know. People always tell me that when I was a baby I would never leave his side. There’s no question to it, I was a daddy’s boy. I am blessed to have my dad in my life and growing up with him teaching me to be a man really shows me how good I have it. I am the man I am today because he would press manners and how to treat people into me ever since I could walk and talk. My dad was devoted to have his kids be the best the could be and he will not give up until he accomplishes his goals. I have promised him to do the best I can to stay out of trouble and do the best I can in anything I do. He promised me that he will always be there for me and I couldn’t ask for anything greater than that. My dad was always looking after me. Whenever I would get a cut or burn or something like that, he would be the one to help me and even kiss my boo boo’s to make them feel better. He was the best father anyone could ever ask

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