Importance Of My Father

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My father is someone who I respect more than anybody else. He has given up so much for me and my two siblings so that we could be happy even at the expense of his own happiness. He has been the one to bring the family back together in the hardest of times even when others were against him and it was not his place. He inspired us to work hard so that we could succeed and he raised three children while working from home while he had a job that would not usually allow that but he made it happen. For those reasons I believe that he should be awarded the selflessness and dedication award.
While I have grown up my father has almost always been there for me if I either needed help with school work or I needed to just get my priorities straight he
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Mostly because of the grudge she had held against him since she was a child and his recent divorce. My grandfather was a working man with my grandmother being a stay at home mom. From what I remember he was pretty high up in the tech world and was able to spoil his children if he so chose. But because of the rank that he was within his company he was rarely ever home and if he was he was extremely tired. My grandfather used to be a very stern man who took punishment very seriously with things like the belt. He was pretty much a walking upper class stereotype. Because of all of these things my mother grew up to resent her father and taught us to also. My father saw this as something that was unhealthy and should not be allowed to happen any more so he took upon himself to make sure that we were able to see our grandfather again. At this point my mother and father had already been divorced for a few years but he saw nothing truly wrong with what my grandfather had done so he contacted him and made it possible for us to see him all by himself until our mother finally came around and allowed us to see him. Since my parents have gotten divorced there has been almost no real change with how often I actually see my mother and tension has grown between the two of us as I have gotten older. My father has always told me not to be disrespectful to her and only show her the …show more content…
My father grew up in a rather nice town with three older siblings and his mother. His father had left them when my father was very young and his eldest sibling was about eleven. It was a very tragic time. Because of all of this my father grew up in a nice home but everything else was awful. He was the kid who had to get food tickets at school and constantly get aid when it came to money. His mother worked very hard to keep them in the house that they were living in since it was such a nice town and she wanted them to get the right education so that they would no longer have to live like this. These things shaped my father and the ways he views taking care of us. He does not want to spoil us but at the same time he makes sure that we are never wanting anything because he does not want us to ever have to live like

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