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English W131 How do you become a perfect writer? The answer is, you cannot. Writing, the way I see it, is a form of art because you are gathering small things together to create something new and more magnificent. It can be criticized by yourself and others as it is read. But you can try to strive for perfection by following some tips and rules about writing. In the class English W131, at IUPUI, I learned many ways to make a paper more accurate for the reader and for the situation it is addressing. I learned what I needed to work on in my writing and how to improve what I found challenging to write. Entering the class I had many challenges to face. First, I did not know what a thesis statement really was. I remember talking about it in high school, but I did not know how to write one. Other challenges I knew I would have were spelling and grammar. Because …show more content…
As I attended the class I also found out a few more challenges I need to take care of. One of these was my word choice was considerably low. Also, I tended to run more than one idea together in a single part of a paragraph. Then, I also had trouble with sources and never seemed to understand what should be italicized or in parentheses. And the tone of my papers seemed to go different ways, making it confusing if it was a formal paper or informal. In other word I would change my tone by talking in first person and then in third. But this class showed me how to improve by giving me tips and examples of writing. I improved in many areas. I learned what a thesis statement is and how to write it. Also, how to go back and change it when you finish your paper if

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