Essay on My Career Journey And Life

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My academic journey and life has been anything but easy to say the least. I had several challenges in my life from little on. The first being that before I was born the doctors told my parents that I had an extra chromosome. If they still wanted to have me, I would indeed be born but I would only live for a few months. My parents told the doctors that no matter what, they wanted to have me. They said they would love me even if it was only for two short months. However, here I am now. 18 years old and taking on my freshman year of college. The doctors were wrong and I was a healthy baby. Through the years I decided to learn from that and not take any day for granted. My time on Earth would be limited and each day should be lived to the fullest. I grew up on our family farm in Needville, Texas. I don’t remember a lot about my younger years, but from pictures it looked like a blast. I do remember wanting to be just like my older sisters. I started showing animals in the second grade for our local and county fairs. I instantly fell in love with my show pigs and steers and would spend as much time in the barn as possible. I still continued to play Little League softball and play volleyball for a club team. I continued to show and play sports throughout my middle school and junior high school years. During high school I ran track and cross country while continuing to show animals, and taking Advance Placement courses. One of the biggest challenges I had in high school happened…

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