My Educational Journey Research Paper

Although my journey in college has just begun, I have had a whirlwind education from elementary school through high school. I have had a lot of teachers some I liked and some I did not like. Never the less, I successfully completed high school and achieved my high school diploma. Now I am on my quest to become a probation officer with a degree in Criminal Justice. I am going to share a lot of information regarding my education experiences, most of which I am very proud of; although I did have some bumps in the road.
One good experience I had was when I had Mr. Cheslik, as my 6th-grade teacher. He knew how to reach me and quickly learned how to keep me motivated. He knew that I lacked patience and but kept me focused in the classroom. The physical
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Primarily because in Algebra there were so many steps to follow to solve a problem and it was a lot to remember. I would retreat when it came to solving those problems, however, my mother would make me dive right in, she would have me make flash cards and every night I would have to memorize a formula, until I know them all. The process was frustrating to me, due to my ADHD, my mom knew how to get and maintain my attention so that I was prepared for class. I always tend to run from challenging situations, primarily because it scares me, but one I work it through I am …show more content…
Now writing is a bit more challenging because my brain moves faster than my hands and I can miss some information. I have to slow down when proofreading to ensure that the English and Grammar are correct. My 5th Grade teacher really inspired me to read and she challenged me with my writing. She was strict about the appropriate use of grammar; however, in high school they were not as strict, at least according to my mother. My mom is a reader and a stickler for education. She went back to school to get her degree to set an example for me regarding going to college and achieving my goals. I am extremely proud of my mom, she is an example of perseverance and determination, even when things do not go as planned. I realize that my reading and writing are critical o my college education. I want to take some speed reading and comprehension classes so that I can master these

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