Learning Reflection And Analysis

Learning is a lifelong process and in my view, there is no better job than assisting others in this process. The satisfaction in being instrumental to a learning cause is the only way I draw purpose to my living.
I never knew I would be an Instructional designer when I applied for my Engineering degree in Computer Science. It was not until my first job as a software engineer that I realized how enthralling it can be to write training content. After finishing my fresher orientation I had a choice to join the training team on a temporary assignment or to wait for a suitable IT project. I preferred getting started with the training assignment instead of waiting. I joined a team which was creating a training program on Java. The responsibilities
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For the next 12 years, I worked with various corporate training teams. I not only designed training programs but also worked with other training functions like coordination, need analysis, operations, delivery, and evaluation. I worked on many online and ILT projects. Though we used ADDIE for most of the projects, I got a chance to apply other ID models as per the project requirements. I personally prefer Bloom’s taxonomy to guide my courseware development. The lesson plan becomes quite comprehensive by following its six levels of subject mastery and the use of simple, accessible and practical action verbs to outline the course objectives. Most of the eLearning projects that I worked on were scenario based so this model worked best for me. In short, all this experience has been quite enriching and has made me a better professional.
The field of Instructional design is not new, it stems back right to the start of human evolution. Every time man wanted to provide instructions to his fellow men for performing a simple task like making fire or cutting stone he used basic ID techniques which we probably use even today. We have come a long way with the growing technology at our disposal in the 21st century. The application of modern technology combined with research and experiments have made way to comprehensive and diverse educational approaches. These new horizons fascinate

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