My Career Goals At The Springhill Suites Denver Downtown Essay

1037 Words Mar 24th, 2016 null Page
My work background might not be as extensive as my other college students in their senior year, but it shows that I am dedicated to the places where I am employed. I currently work at the Springhill Suites Denver Downtown in the Food and Beverage Department working in banquets and also at the hotel-run restaurant, Degree Metropolitan Food and Grill and have been there since August. Before that I was an intern there for the spring semester (2015) where I rotated through all the departments and helped plan the Art Night under the guidance of the Sales Team. I have also worked as a Cart Attendant at Target for 3 ½ years where I pushed the carts, helped with cashiering as needed, and was always available to help other departments once I finished my duties at night. My career goal is to be in operations based on my experience at my internship where I enjoyed working in all of the departments. I have talked to Scott Perry and other GM’s about what I need to get to my goal and am in the process of compiling all of their skills and abilities and am then going to find the similarities between them. After this, I am going to see what these people have that I don’t and go from there.
My interests include advocating for people with disabilities, traveling as money and time permits, going to see movies with friends and reading. For as long as I can remember, I have advocated for people with disabilities, whether in high school as part of Unified Basketball, at MSU Denver with the…

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