Why I Want To Be A Nutritionist Essay

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My passion to be a Nutritionist Oh, how I love food! I have always had a love for food the more the better. This overwhelming love led me to be overweight. For this reason, my need for living a healthy lifestyle began at a young age. My love of food and my struggle with my weight ultimately led me to the decision to become a Nutritionist. I believe by becoming a Nutritionist, I can help myself and others who have or who are still struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Pursuing a career as a Nutritionist will provide me with the opportunity to inspire and encourage others to live a healthier life, explore my interest in health and exercise, and sharpen and expand my knowledge and skills in health; all in all, provide me with a sense …show more content…
I think this career fits my personality because of my passion to help people better themselves and achieve goals. Nutrition fits my personality because I am concerned and compassionate toward the needs of those who I would provide counseling to for healthier lifestyle choices. I also find choosing this career interesting because Nutrition has many branches I could explore such as public health and global health. I would be able to help inspire individuals not only in my community but around the world. The nutritional field fits my interests and hobbies in that I have an interest in eating healthy and exercising which go hand in hand. Nutrition to some might be all about food, but Nutrition is more than eating right it is also exercising. These two together in itself is a career. What goes into the body must be taken out by way of exercise. Nutrition fits my interest and hobbies in that I enjoy eating healthy and exercising. For instance, I work out daily and I only consume a certain number of calories each

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