Essay on My Career Choice : Coaching

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“No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it.” –Peter F. Drucker ( Each and every human in the world has something that they are just sincere and passionate about. With that one thing they put more time and effort in to it then they will with any other activity they do in their life. Just because of the fact that they are interested and or enjoy doing it. For me it would be sports, I have grown up all my life playing and watching sports. From an early age I loved everything about sports. So that’s why what better career choice then coaching. It gives me a chance to give back and try to help others love sports and appreciate them as much as I do. If I do become a coach I would be either a soccer or baseball coach because those are the two sports I know the most about considering I have played them all of my life. Coaching does not just allow someone to teach the elements of the game but also helps teach life lessons and help an individual grow into a better person.

A coach has many jobs when it comes to managing a team. The main thing of course is to make his team better every day. “To achieve any group goal, individuals must work to improve themselves as a means to improve the group.” George M. Gilbert ( Coaching is the teaching of a sport and strategizing with players to make the team the best they can be. A coach must come up with game plans everyday for practice that is going to push his team and…

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