My Career As An Instructional Designer Essay

816 Words Apr 30th, 2016 4 Pages
Learning is a lifelong process and in my view, there is no better job than assisting others in this process. The satisfaction in being instrumental to a learning cause is the only way I draw purpose to my living.
I never knew I would be an Instructional designer when I applied for my Engineering degree in Computer Science. It was not until my first job as a software engineer that I realized how enthralling it can be to write training content. After finishing my fresher orientation I had a choice to join the training team on a temporary assignment or to wait for a suitable IT project. I preferred getting started with the training assignment instead of waiting. I joined a team which was creating a training program on Java. The responsibilities of this role gave me one of the first work experiences that offered a great sense of pride and meaning from the contributions I made to the organization and the trainees.
Thereafter I knew what I wanted to do with my career. For the next 12 years, I worked with various corporate training teams. I not only designed training programs but also worked with other training functions like coordination, need analysis, operations, delivery, and evaluation. I worked on many online and ILT projects. Though we used ADDIE for most of the projects, I got a chance to apply other ID models as per the project requirements. I personally prefer Bloom’s taxonomy to guide my courseware development. The lesson plan becomes quite comprehensive by following…

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