My Bedroom Essay

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Down the stairs into my basement is my bedroom. There is a white door with a crack down the middle of the door with a glow in the dark skeleton hanging over it. When you walk into the room you see a book shelf that goes from floor to ceiling that is full of all types of books. My walls are painted blue and green, two walls for each color. I also have a large fuzzy green area rug on my floor. Against the far wall is my queen size bed that has a thick blanket made of earth colors that shows a picture of a deer on it. I have a corner desk that is built into my wall that is also painted green. Above my desk and next to it are built in book shelves that are full of random things from a dragon candle I got at king Richards fair to a Harry Potter wand I got from universal studios in Florida. Next to my desk is a long dresser that on top of it is my hermit crab cage where Poof, Jorden, and Cosmo live. Also on my dresser is my jewelry box that used to be my mother’s when she was young. Across from my bed is my entertainment center where my television, cable box, placation, and movies are. Also this is where I store my art supplies. I also have clips hanging from my …show more content…
I would forget what it was like to smile and see my eyes sparkle with happiness. I would not leave my room for days at a time. I would just lay there for hours trying to remember what it was like to be happy and even force myself to be happy. I would say to myself that I am strong and I need to leave my room and go out and be active do things. I needed to live. Yet, I never wanted to leave my room it was safe there and but then I would look at my walls with picture of places I’ve been, and pictures of me smiling. My room was my safe haven but it also gave me hope. Hope that I can be happy and it is possible for me. It reminds me that things can go wrong and times can get dark and rough but they always get

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