Muskrat Narrative

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Throughout my life I’ve known plenty of people, and quite a few of them ended up being rather toxic. This particular debacle began over vacation on the cusp of autumn. My sister and two of our friends were together on a trip to Newport, Rhode Island, and on the two hour car ride there, one friend, I’ll call her A (I don’t want to use any names), threatened to reveal a long-time secret kept between her and another of my friends who was also my boyfriend, J, which had the codename of “Muskrat.” I was very eager to figure out what exactly was going on, and had been since I first heard about Muskrat two or three months prior. I knew it had to do with J and I, but I wasn’t sure quite what. The best I could think of was that it was all fake, and just a scam to make me irritated that they’re keeping a secret from me. After a bit of convincing, and a lot of protest from J, which only led me to get more intrigued, A decided to show me the texts from when Muskrat first began. J had only been dating me for the first three months out of pity. That’s what I thought, at least. That turned out to be wrong, though. Anger burned a hole in my chest, but I …show more content…
I realize now that J was right when he broke up with me, he really didn’t deserve me. I continue to be surprised by the lengths J went to keep up the lie, pretending to be in love with me for nine whole months, and I had no clue. This brings us to now. Now J and I are still friends, more or less, but I can honestly say I don’t really want to be. What I learned from all of this is that I shouldn’t wait and believe everything everyone says, even after they lie to me so many times. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so quick to forgive? Now I know that if someone isn’t right for me, it’s my job to get away from them, not forgive everything they do to me. Had I known this earlier, perhaps I could’ve prevented some of the heartbreak. I can honestly say now that I’m glad it’s all

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