Murder The Victim By Shooting Essay

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This case involves the suspect(s) attempting to murder the victim by shooting at him with a loaded firearm, causing injury in violation of PC 664/187(a)-Attempt Murder.
LOCATION DESCRIPTION: This incident occurred at the Kings Villages apartment complex located at 1141 N. Fair Oaks Avenue.
• I.D. Technician Padilla #6870, took photographs of the scene and recovered several a bullet casing.
• Firearm.
On 09-25-16 at 2153 hours, Officer Harrell #3441 and I (Unit #3A22) were dispatched to suspicious persons seen smoking marijuana at the Kings Villages located 1141 N. Fair Oaks Avenue. The reporting party advised dispatch that approximately 8-12 male Blacks between 18-20 years of age where seen smoking the marijuana near the playground.
Upon our arrival to the area, Officer Harrell made a left turn onto westbound Claremont Street from Fair Oaks Avenue. As we began to approach the first driveway of the Kings Villages, located along the north side of Claremont Street, we heard approximately eight to ten shots in the area. I looked north in the above parking lot and saw an unknown person wearing a white shirt, running west on Pepper Street from the north end of the cul-de-sac.
I advised dispatched of the above incident. Officer Harrell and I checked the area for any victim(s), suspect(s) and evidence of a shooting. We arrived at the east end of the Pepper Street cul-de-sac and exited our patrol unit. We began walking north into the…

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