Murder Case : Murder Simpson 's Life Essay

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In October 1995, O.J Simpson’s life was flipped upside down from controversy and deception. On the day of the trial, Simpson knew that his life would be forever changed because of one mistake. Charged with two accounts of murder. One of which would be his ex-girlfriend and then other is his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. Nobody could ever see an event like this happen to a well known retired football player who once played for the Bills and then the San Francisco 49ers as a running back. My mom was one of the witnesses of the trial, “ During this time, I was putting up Halloween decorations and I was flipping through the channels and I seen O.J Simpson was in court. I wanted to know what was going on” (Debbie Ponder). Millions of people watched his trial on that day to see what the ex football star had to of done to have his reputation be put on the line and maybe even be eventually ruined. Even after watching the incident, many people including my mom, would say that nothing has affected her and probably never will. The event did not change my mom, “no it doesn’t affect me today because I did not keep up with him at all and he played football and I never watched that because I can 't stand to watch football. I think it was also because he was in California and lived all the way in Missouri” (Debbie Ponder). Since this trial was so well known and publicized everybody had different emotions toward it. People felt disturbed, interested, or even humerous. My mom on the…

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