Generation X Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… Some businesses did not do as well as they thought that they would do. Parents were frustrated and confused as why the job market had fallen the way that it did. As the economy began to get worse the parents of Generation X became more selfish and self-centered. It became more about finding and maintaining a job opposed to finding and maintaining a healthy family life for their children. It could be said that this type of parent/child relationship began to dissolve as years past. Children began to dislike their parents or even felt that their parents were neglecting them. The children of Generation X seemed that they did not having any excitement in their life. They had to grow up too fast. And with the era that they grew up in them could not look up to any heroes outside of their homes. More children began to read the newspaper and watch the news on television and became more interested in the political world. However there were not too many political issues that affected this group. Other than the veterans explaining their experiences in war or the civil rights movement, there were not a plethora of issues. The main issue during this time was the lack of attention to the children of this generation and the increased number of layoffs. In contrast to Generation X, …show more content…
For years this generation was dealing with the mystery of this trial. This event is still one of the most talked about events of the 1990s. This event also stirred up some racial disputes. Overall this event was something that the world had never seen before. For a black NFL star to be accused of killing his wife and friend which were white, caused for some blacks and whites to hate each other even more. Although he was considered as not guilty, did he really do it? This is a question that is some people still want the truth

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